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2019 Calendar

2019 Calendar

A4 - that's 298mm x 210mm in glorious full colour.

Once again Roger has produced a terrific calendar, that you NEED to have on your study wall. Twelve more superb paintings by world renowned artists - can you afford to miss it?

Proceeds go towards ongoing maintenance of the British Air Services Memorial at St Omer, which was erected by the society in 2004 to commemorate the 8,000 airmen who gave their lives in France and Flanders during WW1.

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James Field
"Dazzling Duo": Running up the Solent in 1918 is RMS Mauretania with her "dazzle" finish, flying above from RAF Calshot is a Felixstowe F2A similarly camouflaged.
Mark Postlethwaite
As leader of JGIII during 1918 Oblt Bruno Loerzer flew a flamboyantly decorated black and white Fokker D.VII. He survived the war with 44 victories and died in 1960.


Antonis Kanidis
Over 1700 examples of the Armstrong Whitworth FK.8 designed by Frederick Koolhoven and affectionately known as the "Big Ack" were built during the Great War.

Brian Knight

Rumpler C.IV serial 8500/17 from Fl Abt 7 was brought down by ground fire near Monchy on December 29th 1917 and was carefully studied by British Intelligence.
MayBarry Barnes
Designed by Geoffrey de Havilland an BE2 is shown flying over Stonehenge during the Military Aeroplane Competition held at Larkhill in August 1912 on Salisbury Plain.
Robert Karr The Rs.III was a large four engined flying boat designed by Claudius Dornier and built in 1917 at the Zeppelin Lindau works on the German side of Lake Constance.
Russell Smith"Stan's Colourful Steed" - Major Dallas, the highest scoring Australian ace of WW1, flew a distinctively camouflage pattern SE5a, D3511 with 40 Sqn RAF in May 1918.
Ivan Berryman Over 600 examples of the Friedrichshafen FF.33 were produced during the Great War where they were used in many roles such as attacks on light coastal shipping.
Benjamin Freudenthal "Mission Reconnaissance" - during the Great War over 8,000 of Louis Breguet type 14s were built together with 6,00 Louis Bechereau designed SPAD VII fighters.
Derek Lamparter Fokker Dr.I 588/17 flown by Ltn Richard Wenzl whilst flying with Jasta 11 in April 1918. Richthofen said of the Dr.1"it climbed like a monkey and manoeuvred like the devil".
Barry Weekley "Captain Ridley's BE12" - Capt Claude Ridley took off from Stow Maries on the night of 23/24th May 1917 in BE12a A6318 to intercept the Zeppelins attacking London.
Seweryn Fleischer Unpopular in Italian service the Ansaldo A.1 Balilla found a new lease of life with the American volunteer pilots of the Polish Air Force fighting the Red Army during 1920.

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