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The Cuxhaven Raid

The Cuxhaven Raid
by RD Layman
160pp, 248×165mm, illus, hardback.
Published by Conway Press

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Second Hand -  good condition


On Christmas Day 1914 a small force of British seaplanes was launched from their carriers to attack the German seaplane base near Cuxhaven. Since they had little idea of its appearance, or even its exact location, not surprisingly results were negligible, but it did produce an aerial counter-attack on the seaplane carriers and their escorts. In this respect it was a highly significant event in the history of warfare; it was the first attempt to exert sea power upon land by means of the air, and it resulted in the first sea battle of a type that would become common in WW2, an engagement in which aircraft were the primary striking arms of both sides. The Cuxhaven Raid therefore may be seen as the birth of the "carrier force" concept.

This book sets out to describe the operation in detail for the first time, examining its preliminaries, panning, results, aftermath and immediate influence, as well as its execution. As befits the work of an experienced journalist, it is a story that is as fascinating as it is significant, giving the reader a clear and well-written account of the genesis if a new era of human conflict at sea.

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