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German Propeller Makers of WW1: Part 1

by Lt Col Bob Gardner
xii, 207pp, 210×297mm, softback.

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The famous Axial brand is among those detailed in this first listing, another beautifully presented tour-de-force of technical and industrial history. The illustrations, mostly in colour, show not only the expected wealth of propellers in full, in close-up or installed on various aircraft, but also a number of surviving buildings and sites; clearly reproduced extracts from original documents; and period artwork and advertising, all revealing the breadth and depth of the author’s many years of researches.

Among the rare items in this volume are the steel-core propellers of Jacob Haw, pioneer of hollow alloy designs and helicopter rotors, followed immediately by the Eta propellors with their apparently unique vertical laminations sealed in a veneer skin. Open this book at any page, and the treasures and information leap out.

Now in a solid-feeling softback format on very nice paper, this is yet another argument for a series not to be missed.

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