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ELTA - The First Aviation Exhibition Amsterdam - 1919

ELTA - The First Aviation Exhibition Amsterdam - 1919
by Rob Mulder 
234pp, 215×305mm, illus, softback
ISBN 978-82-997371-1-1
Published by European Airlines

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The doors of the ELTA - First Aviation Exhibition Amsterdam were opened on 1 August 1919. It turned
out to become one of finest and biggest gatherings right after the Great War (I 914-1918). Great Britain,
France and Italy joined the Netherlands in an exhibition that would attract tens of thousands of visitors, 
over 100 aircraft and some of the finest European pilots. All celebrities of the time were present: Anthony
Fokker, Lieutenant Willem Versteegh, Lieutenant Francesco Brack Papa, Lieutenant Arturo Ferrarin, Mario
Stoppani, Alfred Fronval, the French ace of aces Captain Rene Fonck and British pilots like Stanley Cock­
erell, 'Mad' Major Christopher Draper, Eardley 'Bill' Lawford and Captain Sir John Alcock ('conqueror of
the Atlantic Ocean') beside many, many others.
Among the visiting aircraft were from Italy several Ansaldo- and Caproni aircraft (including the impressive
Caproni Ca.48 triplane). Great Britain send three Blackburn Kangaroo's, numerous Avros, a Handley Page
V/1500 and an 0/7, while France transferred the prototype of the Breguet 14T2 'Salon', the SPAD 15/5,
the Farman F.SOP and the SEJ\-4 r Amsterdam. The prototype of the Dutch Spijker V.3 was regarded as
one of the finest aircraft on the ELTA. Furthermore, the Dutch displayed numerous Fokkers, Rumplers and
Spijker V.2s . 
Never has the history of this air exhibition been described in such a detail. Beside a day-to-day description the author has also described all the aircraft and celebrities known to have visited the ELTA air exhibition. It turned out to be a most interesting meeting with air displays, pleasure flights, air races, mock combats, night flying and much, much more.

This book is illustrated with nearly 300 pictures - most of them never published before.

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