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A Straggler from 1914-18

A Straggler from 1914-18
by WJF Harvey MBE DFC
68pp, 210x150mm, softbac
Published privately by Rupert Harvey

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This collection of articles, originally published in Air Pictorial between 1967 and 1971, tells the reader all there is to know about fighting men under extreme stress in a completely new environment.

Like most warriors, my father was very reluctant to talk tome about his war, but these very evocative stories go some way to throwing light on a hell which we who are left cannot conceive.

In 1914 50 knots was a good speed for an aeroplane; in 1918 my father dived once at 245mph and survived. So much for the term "stringbags"! I think he would be pleased if you read these vignettes of war in the air.

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