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2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

A4 - that's 298mm x 210mm in glorious full colour.

Once again Roger has produced a terrific calendar, that you NEED to have on your study wall. Twelve more superb paintings by world renowned artists - can you afford to miss it?

Proceeds go towards ongoing maintenance of the British Air Services Memorial at St Omer, which was erected by the society in 2004 to commemorate the 8,000 airmen who gave their lives in France and Flanders during WW1.

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UK Royal Mail - £1.00, EU Airmail - £2.50, ROW Airmail - £3.50,

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James Field
"Rutland of Jutland": Short 184 - the first heavier-than-air naval reconnaissance, when Rutland spotted German cruisers & destroyers before the fleets clashed
Simon Smith
"Du Doch Nicht!": Fokker D.VII - Ernst Udet painted the phrase , which translates as "no you don't" or "definitely not you", on the tail of his Fokker D.VII in 1918


Robert Karr
"Hansa Brandenburg W.13" - rejected by the German Navy, the Heinkel-designed W.13 saw extensive service with the Austro-Hungarian Navy in the Adriatic

Allan Forbes

"Capronis to Pola": Caproni Ca.3 - during August 1917, formations of 36 of the three-engined bomber attacked the Austro-Hungarian naval base of Pola
MayMichael Turner
"Sopwith Pup" - over 1,770 Pups were constructed between 1916 and 1918. The airframe cost £710, whilst its 80hp Le Rhone was £770 or a Gnome £620
Sebastian Tonello "Balloon Hunter": Nieuport-Macchi XI Bebe - Macchi built 450 type XIs, some of which were equipped with Le Prieur rockets for use against enemy balloons
Antonis Kanadis"Caudron G.IV Hydravion" - the floatplane version of the G,IV, serial number C2498, designated Le Goeland, was tested at Saint Raphael Naval Air Station
Russell Smith "Libby's Hat Trick": FE2b - the United States' first official ace was Captain Frederick Libby, flying as an observer /gunner in FE2b 6994 with 11 Sqn, August 1916
Anfrej Deredos "LFG Roland C.II Walfisch" - the C.II had a semi-monocoque fuselage, but was not built in large numbers, with 64 of 1,508 C types at the front in August 1916
Ivan Berryman "Farman F.40" - designed by Henri and Maurice Farman, the F.40 equipped over 50 French army and artillery co-operation escadrilles during 1916 and 1917
Leo Stevenson "Strutting Peacocks": Albatros D.V - during May 1918 there were 131 D.Vs and 928 D.Vas in service with various jastas in all theatres of operation
Taras Shtyk "Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter" - the original multi-role combat aircraft, with at least 1,500 Strutters being built in Britain and an additional 4,500 built in France

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