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2017 Calendar

2017 Calendar

A4 - that's 298mm x 210mm in glorious full colour.

Once again Roger has produced a terrific calendar, that you NEED to have on your study wall. Twelve more superb paintings by world renowned artists - can you afford to miss it?

Proceeds go towards ongoing maintenance of the British Air Services Memorial at St Omer, which was erected by the society in 2004 to commemorate the 8,000 airmen who gave their lives in France and Flanders during WW1.

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Andrej Deredos
"Donner Wetter" was a Sopwith Camel flown by Capt Hinchliffe from Naval 10 during Feb/ Mar 1918. It is featured on the cover of Revell's 1:28 scale model
Seweryn Fleischer
Built in small numbers late in1918, the Hugo Junkers designed D.I (J.9) was the first all-metal fighter. An example is on show at the Musee de l'Air in Paris.


Michael Turner
"Last One to Blink Wins". Over 12,500 examples of the Nieuport sesquiplane design were produced. Many remained in service (as trainers) into the 1920s.

Russell Smith

"God of the North Wind" depicts Fokker Triplane 450/17, one of several flown by 48 victory ace Ltn Josef Jacobs, Staffelfuhrer of Jasta 7 during 1918.
John Peter Cutts
"Reach for the Sky, Harry Hawker". Although only five were built, the Sopwith Bat Boat of 1913 was Britain's first successful flying boat and amphibioius aircraft.

Stan Stokes "Springtime in Venice". Caproni produced well over 600 biplane and triplane bombers that saw service with Italian, French, British and US air forces.
Martin Perman"Eyes of the Fleet". The Short 184 airframe without engine, instruments or armament cost £3,107.50, whilst the 260hp Sunbeam engine was £1,391.50
Ivan Berryman "Ago C.I". Although only 64 exampes of the twin-boom pusher design were produced, it saw service at the front for almost two years until winter 1916
"Ansaldo A.1 Balilla" (the Genoan folk hero) was used for reconnaissance and ground attack by the Kosciuszko Squadron against Bolshevik forces in 1920
"Albatros D.III Oeffag 53.30" from Flik 6F flown by Offstv Julius Arigi (32 aerial victories) spring 1918 at Tirana, Albania. Box art from Roden 1:72 model
Colin Ashford "Fighter Ace Willy Coppens" was Belgium's leading fighter pilot, destroying 34 observation balloons before being severely wounded by an incendiary bullet
"56 vs 18" depicts Capt Gerald Maxwell from 56 Sqn, flying an early SE5a, in combat with Ltn Otto Schober's Albatros D.V of Jasta 18 in October 1917

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