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Stowe Maries Open Day

Stow Maries hosted an Open Weekend on the 12th & 13th September 2009.

Stow Maries hosted an Open Weekend on the 12th & 13th September 2009.

Situated within the Parish of Cold Norton, near Maldon in Essex, England, stand the remains of buildings that once made up a front line Home Defence aerodrome. Built by the RAF towards the end of the First World War the aerodrome was abandoned in 1919 and has remained within the ownership of the same farming family ever since. The majority of the original buildings remain, and visitors are always amazed at how atmospheric the site remains.

This unique time capsule is now being restored to its original glory. Watch this space to see the progress - large parts of the restoration are due to be competed this year! Visit www.stowmaries.com for more news, and the full story behind this fantastic project. 

Sounds like it was a great do - although sadly only open to those few who were able to get tickets in time from the local Tourist Office. We understand that more events will be held soon - so watch this space! Meantime, if you want to know what you missed, check out the link below:


Article posted: 12/03/2009

Categories: Modelling

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