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New Journal Index

Over the years, various volunteers have put together indexes of the journal. Some have been combined into a sequence of a few years, but most cover just one year of the journal - so to look through the whole index has been less than straightforward.

To improve the situation, CCI stalwart Derek Riley has put a huge amount of time and effort into combining ALL the existing indexes. As well as the existing index headers, he's also providing a full serial search for aircraft photos - which is really useful!

While this work has made it much easier to search the index, it has revealed a few flaws. Sometimes there are multiple entries for the same term - for example the famous VC Captain W Leefe Robinson is variously reported as Leefe-Robinson, Robinson, WL and Robinson! There are also some straightforward errors in the original indexes that have not yet been caught, such as the reference I found yesterday to a 3-seater Sopwith F.1 Camel, which turns out to be a Sopwith Sociable of 1914!

We need your help to improve the index for the benefit of all. Please feel free to download and use these index files in your researches. All we ask is that you report back to us any errors, duplicates or inconsistencies you come across. Here are the four files:

General Index
Article Abstracts
Serial Photos

Please report any errors or suggested improvements back to Derek Riley: derek@rileyandriley.com

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Article posted: 02/08/2016

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