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Proposed Digital Journal

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Guild of Aviation Artists Exhibition 2019 Winners

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Journal Index to Vol. 50

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Jewish Flyers in the World War

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SSZ airship car project

read moreCrowd-funding

Aerosociety Podcasts

read moreFlying Historic Aeroplanes

IPMS Ireland award 2018

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Best WW1 Aviation Art 2018

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Baptism of Fire

read moreThe RFC in the first year of the Great War

Best WW1 Aviation Painting in the Exhibition

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2019 Calendar

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New CCI Book

read moreWings Over Mesopotamia, Air War in Iraq 1914-18

Clerget Assembly

read moreVirtual movie showing assembly of a 130 hp Clerget 9B

CCI Trophy 2016

read moreIPMS Scale Modelworld - best WW1 aircraft model in show

IPMS Ireland 2016

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Why join CCI?

read moreA short essay, by Trevor Henshaw

The Flying Machine

read more...is here!

New CCI Forum

read moreThe new Forum went live on Friday, 30th September 2016

Are you Over 80?

read moreOver 80 subscription discount available through the web site

TAVAS Appeal

read moreAppeal to raise money for a film about Australian airmen

L'Aeronautique Militaire

read moreL'Aeronautique Militaire 1914 - 1918, Traditions & Heraldique

HMS President Scrapped?

read moreOne of only three surviving WW1 warships

Aviation Art

read morePrize: Guild of Aviation Artists

2017 Calendar

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New CCI Book

read moreLawrence of Arabia & Middle East Air Power

Air Britain

read moreSales discount for members of Cross & Cockade International

2016 AGM

read more2016 AGM and TE Lawrence Mini-Seminar

Sky Their Battlefield 2

read moreThe Sky Their Battlefield II is available through Cross & Cockade International for £40.00 (softback) or £50.00 (hardback) plus postage.

Bridge to Airpower

read moreThe Bridge to Air Power; Logistics Support for Royal Flying Corps Operations on the Western Front,1914–18 by Peter Dye

Airfields of Oxfordshire

read moreOxfordshire's Great War Aviation Story

Observers & Navigators

read more"Observers & Navigators" And Other Non-pilot Aircrew in the RFC, RNAS and RAF

2016 Calendar

read moreThe 2016 Cross & Cockade International calendar is here!

Revised Constitution

read moreAt our AGM in April we changed our constitution in two minor ways:

Australian Airmen

read moreAustralian Airmen of the Great War - a new database

Scottish Strutter

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read moreReaders of aviation magazines this month will have been pleasantly surprised to read that Peter Jackson's New Zealand based operation, TVAL, has recently flown a replica DH4 in USAS colours.

St Omer Update

read moreWe have a report from our President, Peter Dye, who states that the British Air Services Memorial is in good shape - 10 years after it was first erected.

The Sky Their Battlefield II

read moreThis new book, The Sky Their Battlefield II, is available through Cross & Cockade International for £40.00 (softback) or £50.00 (hardback) plus postage.

Winged Victor

read moreGordon Atkins' acclaimed biography of Victor Yeates, "Winged Victor" has been out of print for some little while. We're delighted to announce that the biog of the author of classic WW1 aviation "novel" (almost an autobiography ...) "Winged Victory" is now available as a PDF download from Cross & Cockade International.

Pre-Loved Books

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The society regularly receives gifts and bequests, which often include members' book collections. We are hugely grateful to members for these generous gifts and, to make the most of them, we have a section of the web shop where they are available for sale.

New CCI Book!

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Available exclusively from the Cross & Cockade International web shop; Hauptmann Godwin von Brumowski: Austria-Hungary's Ace of Aces for £15.00 plus postage.

AIR76 & AIR79 Records

read moreWe've heard today from family history web site FindMyPast, that they are now offering searches and downloads on The National Archives digital archive of officers and other ranks personnel records, known to us as AIR76 and AIR79.

Back Issues

read moreAll back issue stock to Volumes 34 has been donated to the RAF Museum, who have offered to take responsibility for the stock and sell it through their shops at Hendon and Cosford.

The Sky Their Battlefield II

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Heartbleed Bug

read moreThe Heartbleed Bug has been widely reported around the media over the past few days. It is a real threat. However, we're delighted to say that our site is not affected, as we do not use the Apache web server technology.

Pathe News

read moreA selection of First World War footage from Pathe News, covering the Royal Air Force, British, French and American airmen, zeppelins, balloons, plane wrecks and the Royal Navy Air Service.

New Italian Book

read moreWe have an exclusive new book for sale in our shop: "Storia del Campo di Volo di Villaverla".

34 & 42 Sqn Officers

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Book on French Markings

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read moreJournal index updated.

RA Little

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Guild of Aviation Artists

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James Bigglesworth

read moreWe thought he was a figment of WE Johns' imagination - looks like not!

Pension Records

read moreIn November 2012, The Western Front Association announced the acquisition of some 6.5 million Pension Records Index Cards and Ledgers (PRCs).

Harry Woodman

read moreWe are sad to have to announce the death of Harry Woodman

Peter Cooksley

read moreWe are sad to have to announce the death of Peter Cooksley

Mike O'Connor

read moreWe are sad to have to announce the death of Mike O'Connor

Filton Grant

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Filton - famously the home of "Bristol" - has won a grant from BAe to conserve the surviving WW1 buildings and develop a heritage centre.

George Miller

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We are sad to have to announce the death of George Miller.

Stow Maries FOR SALE

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Rumours have been flying for some weeks, that Essex WW1 home defence airfield Stow Maries is up for sale.

Stow on the Beeb

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I hope everyone has heard of the superb WW1 airfield restoration, underway at Stow Maries in Essex. If not, check out this link:


Propeller Books

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Bob Gardner is the leading expert on propeller design and manufacture in WW1. Over the past few years, Bob has been bringing out a series of books on British propellers and menufacturers, which, when complete, will doubtless be the definitive word. These books are now available through the society's web shop.

2012 CCI Seminar

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Cross and Cockade International hosted a highly successful seminar over the weekend of 22nd to 24th June 2012.

Never mind the Olympics - THIS was THE unmissable event of 2012 - for anyone interested in WW1 in the air!

Dolphin Monograph

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The society's first book, "Nieuports in RFC, RNAS & RAF Service", has sold out - and is now available as a download. Our second book was the hugely popular "Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b/d & Variants in RFC, RAF, RNAS & AFC Service".

Now here's the third in the series: "Sopwith Dolphin in RFC, RNAS, RAF and Polish Service" - available to order now - shipping from 16th March 2012.

London Parking

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Our London meetings are held on HMS President, moored on the Thames Embankment. While this is handy for several tube stations, it's not that easy for those wanting to travel by car.

Colin Huston has recently found a great parking scheme nearby, which might be of interest to other members.

Nieuport Book

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It's back! Our first monograph, the widely acclaimed Nieuports in RNAS, RFC and RAF Service is available for sale again.

Italian Hangar

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The more observant amongst us might have noticed a unique sale, that went through on Ebay some two years ago. This was for a Bessoneau Type H hangar - picture at bottom - which was being sold "as is" from RAF Wethersfield.

RAFM on Flickr

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The Royal Air Force Museum has a huge collection of WW1 aviation photographs. Unfortunately, many of these are uncaptioned - and sadly many also have no acquisition details - the museum don't know who donated the albums, or when.

Stripped Camel!

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We are offering for download a most interesting eBook, by Martin Koopman, which shows the construction of the Sopwith Camel in all it's intricate detail. The eBook includes 47 pages in full colour, 420 mm x 297 mm, with a resolution of 120 dpi.

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