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The RFC and RAF at St-Omer


I’ve got a windy feeling round my heart
And it’s time that we went home!
I’ve got a great big longing to depart
Somewhere back to Omer Drome
Huns are diving at my tail
Wind up – Gee! – I’ve got a gale
Guns are jamming
Pilots are damning
Archies bursting all around us
And observers say
'Ain’t it time that we came down?'
So won’t you splitass back
Along the track
To my dear old Omer Town?

Royal Flying Corps song, circa 1916, sung to the tune of 'My Old Kentucky Home'


Each year since its unveiling in 2004, Cross & Cockade International pay the Commonwealth War Graves Commission a four figure sum to maintain the British Air Services Memorial at St Omer. A small donation from you will help to keep it 'fit for heroes'

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