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Welcome to Cross & Cockade International!

Our latest publication, "Wings Over Mesopotamia, Air War in Iraq 1914 - 18" was launched at our AGM at RAF Museum, Hendon, on Saturday 22nd April - and is now available to buy in the web shop. More details here.

The next issue of the journal for 2017 is going to be late. We normally publish issue three by mid to late September, but this year we’re not going to hit that target, due to circumstances beyond our control. Keep an eye on the web site for updates. Currently we estimate that we’ll have 48/3 ready to leave the printers by early November - and hope to be back on schedule for 48/4.

There's plenty of time before January to buy our 2018 Calendar, but if you're thinking ahead, or need a gift for an aviation enthusiast, what could be better? You can buy one now, here.

Issue 21 of our popular free email newsletter Wind in the Wires went out in June. Subscribe here to receive future issues, and/or email me if you'd like to be sent the back numbers. We've over 1,200 subscribers - and it's free - so why not see what you're missing? PLEASE NOTE that if you think you've subscribed, but haven't received your issue, you'd do well to check your spam filter(s)!

The new, completely re-written, version of The Sky Their Battlefield (Mark II) has had all the original content thoroughly updated and expanded, revealing the stories of almost 17,000 WW1 air personnel. You can find out more about this indescribably useful book on Trevor Henshaw's site: www.theskytheirbattlefield2.com - or just buy (or, if your birthday's coming up soon, point your relatives towards) it on this site in softback or hardback editions.

We have an active Facebook page, cared for by Adrian Roberts; plus an increasingly popular twitter account @crosscockade which is also climbing in popularity!


Articles in this journal are:

Captured German Aircraft - part two: by Paul Leaman

RFC & RAF Use of the Klaxon: by Mike Meech

No Way Out: 2Lts CA Crysler and VR Pauline, 23 Sqn: by Stewart Taylor

The SPAD XIII with the RFC /RAF: by Mick Davis

Early Aviation in the Rising Sun: by David Mechin

The RAF in North Russia: by Phil Wilkinson

In addition we have the usual
Editorial: by Mick Davis, plus Fabric, Bookshelf - and a new regular item, Modelling, new releases and kit reviews: by Joe Moran.

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