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Dolphin Monograph

The society's first book, "Nieuports in RFC, RNAS & RAF Service", has sold out - and is now available as a download. Our second book was the hugely popular "Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b/d & Variants in RFC, RAF, RNAS & AFC Service".

Now here's the third in the series: "Sopwith Dolphin in RFC, RNAS, RAF and Polish Service" - available to order now - shipping from 16th March 2012.

Softback, 176 pages, 210 x 297mm. Price delivered in the UK is £30.00, overseas by surface is £33.00 and overseas by airmail is £38.00.

Introduction: Peter Dye
Design, Development & Construction: Philip Jarrett
Flying the Dolphin: Philip Jarrett
The Dolphin in Combat: Norman Franks
Dolphin Casualty Log: Trevor Henshaw
The Dolphin in Home Service: Mick Davis
Sopwith Dolphins in Polish Service: Peter Dye
Airframe Development: Mick Davis
The Hispano-Suiza – Burden or Blessing?: Peter Dye
Units & Serials: Mick Davis, Trevor Henshaw, Mike O’Connor
Aircrew Index to Serials List: Trevor Henshaw
Colours & Markings: Juanita Franzi, Mick Davis
Dolphin Mk1 C3988 Restoration: Peter Dye

Article posted: 07/01/2012

Categories: Useful Stuff

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