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London Parking

Our London meetings are held on HMS President, moored on the Thames Embankment. While this is handy for several tube stations, it's not that easy for those wanting to travel by car.

Colin Huston has recently found a great parking scheme nearby, which might be of interest to other members.

"Last meeting we tried an experiment, mainly to save some money (having had to drive down from Leicester), and also to save having to suffer the Tube or walk too far to the ship.....

We crossed into the congestion zone from the Euston Road into Kings Cross Road just after 18:00, and drove straight down Farrington Road and down to New Bridge St. We then turned right into Tudor Street. The congestion charge scheme finishes at 18:00 - so by not entering the zone until after 18:00 we avoided the charge.

We parked at the bottom end of John Carpenter Street, almost outside the JP Morgan entrance, arriving just before 19:00. You might get even closer to the Ship by parking in Carmelite Street. All seemed very quiet at the time we arrived, but spaces were pretty well parked up by 21:00.

Check the street parking out on this site, numbers 19, 21 and 22"


Article posted: 06/01/2012

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