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Italian Hangar

The more observant amongst us might have noticed a unique sale, that went through on Ebay some two years ago. This was for a Bessoneau Type H hangar - picture at bottom - which was being sold "as is" from RAF Wethersfield.

What very few people knew at the time is that this hangar was bought by Giancarlo Zanardo, a wealthy aviation enthusiast based in Northern Italy. This excellent gentleman has spent a lot of TLC on the hangar, including replacing a good deal of rotten woodwork.

It now forms an essential part of his flying collection - consisting one Tiger Moth, one Fokker Dr1 replica, one Bleriot XI and one SPAD XIII replica - plus shortly one Caproni Ca3 replica!

Quite a collection - and I'd have thought more than one hangar full.

At left you can see the hangar as seen from the Tiger Moth - and at right the hangar together with some German triplane.

If you want to know more, check out Giancarlo's web page at: http://www.gajnervesa.it/zanardo.html

Article posted: 31/05/2011

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