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2012 Calendar

The 2012 Calendar is here! But there's only 15 left as of 31st January ...

The wait is over - the 2012 Cross & Cockade International calendar is
complete, printed and ready for sale. We only print 500 each year, so don't
hang about - if you want one, order it now.

January Brian Knight
‘Le poussin qui éclôt’ - Literally, ‘The chick that hatches’ from the insignia of Esc. Sop 226. More Sopwith 1½ Strutters were built in France than in Britain
February Roger Middlebrook
‘Ninack & Fokker D.VII Over The Western Front’ - Puma engined E9014 was part of a batch of 200 DH9s built by the Aircraft Manufacturing Co of Hendon
March Martin
‘Starstrutter over the Isonzo Front’ - Hansa Brandenburg D.I 28.15, as flown by 27 victory ace Frank Linke-Crawford from Flik 41J during the Summer of 1917
April Russell
‘Clairmarais Camel’ - Sopwith Camel B7407 is shown landing at Clairmarais aerodrome on April 23, 1918 when flown by Lt RTT Waring from 54 Squadron
May Simon
‘Du Doch Nicht!! The Fokker D.VII of Ltn Ernst Udet, Jasta 4, June 1918’ - The legend painted across thd tail of Udet’s D.VII means ‘Definitely Not You'
June Barry
‘The Harry Tate’ - Rhyming slang after music hall comedian’s name. The RE8 with the white zig-zag makings from No. 52 Sqn was engaged on artillery obs
July Andrew
‘Jean Navarre French Ace’ - Nieuport 11 N.576 was flown by Jean Navarre, nicknamed ‘La sentinelle de Verdun’, when flying with Escadrille 67 in 1916
August Ivan
‘Major John Gilmour ‘ - With 39 confirmed victories, Gilmour DSO, MC and 2 Bars was the joint highest scoring pilot on the Martinsyde G.100 Elephant
September Mark Karvon
‘Roland D.VIb’ - The Roland D.VIb featuring the unique ‘clinker built’ fuselage constructed of spruce, was flown by 18 victory ace Emil Schape of Jasta 33
October Colin Ashford
‘U-Boat Killer’ - On 28 August 1918 a Blackburn Kangaroo flown by Lt EF Waring spotted UC-70 partially submerged near Runswick Bay in Yorkshire
November Vincenzo
‘Alpine Ace’ - Italy’s second-highest scoring air ace with 26 victories: Silvio Scaroni’s Hanriot HD.1 from 76a Squadriglia attacking an Austrian UFAG C.I
December Jim Laurier
‘SPAD VII vs Albatros D.III’ - The RFC flew the SPAD VII with 19 and 23 Squadrons on the Western Front and with 30 Squadron in Mesopotamia

Article posted: 29/05/2011

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