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RAFM on Flickr

The Royal Air Force Museum has a huge collection of WW1 aviation photographs. Unfortunately, many of these are uncaptioned - and sadly many also have no acquisition details - the museum don't know who donated the albums, or when.

In a valiant attempt to glean information on this huge wealth of images, the RAFM is releasing a number of albums onto Flickr - so that the general public can see them - and hopefully post useful comments. The aim of the project is that the Museum will slowly be able to build up a database of caption information.

Members are encouraged to look through the fabulous images available, using the following links:

This first album is titled: "A Glimpse of the life in the RFC: The Central Flying School, Upavon, Wilts" - and contains over 300 images.

There's a second album also available to view and comment on - "The RFC in North America".

... and a third on the "RFC/RAF bases at Harlaxton and in Northern Russia":

If you feel you can add something - even down to identifying the aircraft type - please register on their web site and add your comment.

This is a great project, worthy of our active support. We've got a terrific pool of relevant knowledge within the society - let's see if, between us, we can't make this anonymous archive a really useful research resource for the future.

Article posted: 17/05/2011

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