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Journal Index

There's now over 40 years of Cross and Cockade International journals - all indexed.

There's now 47 complete years of journals. If you think or know that we've published an item on a particular subject somewhere in those 188 journals - but don't know just where - then you need the index.

The indexes have been created at different times, and it's not proved easy to combine that work into one contiguous file - although Derek Riley is working towards that end. Therefore the index we're offering below contains several different files. The first covers Volumes 1 to 38 combined. Then there's individual files for Volumes 39 through to 43. You can either browse manually, bearing that in mind - or you can use the word search feature within Acrobat to search across the whole file.

As indexes are released for later volumes, they'll be made available here, for free.

Vol 01 > 38 Index

Vol 39 Index

Vol 40 Index

Vol 41 Index

Vol 42 Index

Vol 43 Index

The last five include aircraft to serial number level! For researchers this is a huge improvement; and hopefully in time we'll be able to reflect this increased detail in indexes for the earlier volumes.


We now have a beta release of Derek's excellent work combining all the indexes upt o Volume 45 into one file! Check it out here:

Vol 1 to 45 Combined Index

... and if you spot a flaw, however small, please notify Derek so he can check it out and put it right.

Article posted: 14/03/2010

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