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Newspaper Archive

The North London newspaper archive for the British Library is being digitised, and the millions of newspaper pages moved to Boston Spa in Yorkshire.


This isn't happening to WW1 era newspapers yet, but it's now definitely happening soon.

It's great that this fantastic resource is being made available on the internet, certainly for those of us living outside London. However, the downside is the cost of access. If the powers-that-be impose the same pricing schedule on WW1 newspapers as they have on Victorian era papers, the cost of access is going to be prohibitive. Check out the details using the link above, but far from making this archive more accessible, I fear this will actually have the opposite effect.

A fantastic project, and a great investment by our beloved government - but PLEASE pitch the cost of use within the reach of us mere mortals!

Article posted: 12/01/2010

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