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FE2b/d Monograph

Inevitably, further details have come to light since the publication of both of our monographs. We will be adding them to this page of our website. If anyone has further information that could be shared with others using this site, please forward it, in the first instance to the Editor.

Last updates made 20-Feb-2010.

RAF FE2b/d

4884 At Renfrew allotted to Training Brigade, re-allotted to BEF (160-hp Beardmore) 5.10.16. 1 AD dd ex Farnborough 9.11.16. 18 Sqn dd ex 1 AD 23.11.16 and LIA in combat with 2 EA 20.12.16 (2Lt Reginald Smith/2Lt H Fiske KIA – a/c shot down in flames). 
4981 Assembled by Barclay Curle. 2 (Aux) SAG dd ex Glasgow 22.1.17 and damaged in storm. 51 HDS C Flt.
7667 9 RS by 8.2.17 and force-landed 15.10.16 (Lt W.W. Sawden/Lt Champion OK).
7688 Converted to FE2d and tested at Norwich 1.17. 9 RS by 16.10.16 (Lt W.W. Sawden) until @ 2.17.
7690 9 RS by 17.10.16 (Lt W.W. Sawden).
A788 2 (Aux) SAG photographed crashed. Newcastle ex Ayr 30.10.17 for 199 DS. 199 DS dd 30.10.17 (Capt GK Palmer).
A809 2 (Aux) SAG photographed crashed.
A830 2 (Aux) SAG dd ex Renfrew 2.3.17 (Major LA Strange, recorded as A803) and crashed from stall on low turn 14.4.17 (crew injured – recorded as A530, photo caption gives Lt Blythe crashing this machine).
A1934 Allotted to BEF 11.9.16. RAF 25.9.16; engine No.97, airscrew 13537/T28020. 1 AD by 1.10.16. 20 Sqn dd ex 1 AD 15.11.16, force-landed 5.1.17 (Lt W.W. Sawden OK) and damaged in forced-landing on patrol 17.3.17 (74hrs 54mins flying time).
A1943 RAF 16.10.16; engine 3/250/63, airscrew 13582/T28020. At Northolt, allotted to BEF 10.1.17. 20 Sqn dd ex 1 AD 11.2.17 until @ 16.2.17 (Lt W.W. Sawden).
A5625 8 AAP allotted to BEF 4.1.18 (160-hp Beardmore) and tested 18.1.18 (Lt H. Shaw, recorded as B5625 – ‘Piece off prop. Press dud’).
A5632 8 AAP allotted to BEF 5.1.18 (160-hp Beardmore) and tested 20.1.18 (Lt H. Shaw, recorded as B5632 – ‘OK’).
A5665 100 Sqn damaged by fire 26.2.18. 83 Sqn dd ex 1 AIS 24.3.18 and crashed after stall on take off for night bombing sortie 31.5.18. 2 ASD 2.6.18 deleted 13.6.18, not worth reconstruction (41hrs 20mins flying time).
A5747 8 AAP allotted to BEF 25.1.18 (160-hp Beardmore) and tested/visited Throwley 8.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw, recorded as B5747 – ‘OK. Took tail skid for Camel with broken skid’).
A5767 8 AAP tested 19.12.17 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’ – recorded at B5767).
A5768 8 AAP tested 20.12.17 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’ – recorded at B5768).
A5772 8 AAP tested 16.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
A5787 8 AAP allotted to BEF (160-hp Beardmore) 28.1.18 and tested 17.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
A6358 FE2d. Presentation a/c Bombay No 2. At Norwich 14.2.17 allotted to BEF. 20 Sqn and LIA near Bellewaarde on bombing sortie 6.4.17 (2Lt Roland Smith/Lt R Hume KIA – probably shot down by OffSt W Gottsch, Jasta 8 – a/c had 13hrs 1min flying time, engine 4/250/135/WD12116).
A6452 FE2b. 8 AAP tested 27.3.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
A6462 FE2b. 36 HDS A Flt by 14.3.18 (2Lt NS Jones/2Lt JM le Mee 20.10hr AZP - reported as A6642 – engine cut but landed back at base – possibly FE2d A6442). 8 AAP tested 29.3.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘Engine very dud’).
A6473 FE2b. 8 AAP tested 27.3.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘Engine dud, knock’) and 29.3.18 (‘OK’).
A6483 FE2b. 8 AAP tested 7.4.18 (Lt H. Shaw recorded as B6483 – ‘OK’).
A6508 8 AAP tested 23.3.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
A6523 FE2d. 20 Sqn and vict 2.7.17 (2Lt RM Trevethan & Lt CA Hoy sent an Albatros D.III ooc near Houthem at 12.45hrs). Converted to FE2b. 101 Sqn dd ex 2 ASD 20.8.18 and damaged in landing crash after night bombing sortie 27.10.18 (2Lt AE Sharp OK).
A6524 FE2b. 8 AAP tested 27.3.18 (Lt H. Shaw recorded as B6524 – ‘OK. Pressure gauge pointer off’).
A6529 FE2b. 8 AAP tested 27.3.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘Tail heavy’) and 29.3.18 (‘OK’).
A6570 FE2b. 8 AAP tested 27.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘mag trouble’) and 28.2.18 (‘OK’).
A6580 FE2b. 8 AAP allotted to BEF 31.1.18 (160-hp Beardmore) and tested 27.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
B467 8 AAP tested 21.12.17 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘would not climb’).
B469 8 AAP tested 12.12.17 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
B470 8 AAP tested 13.12.17 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
B492 At Dover allotted to 58 Sqn, re-allotted to BEF 14.1.18 (160-hp Beardmore). 8 AAP by 12.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw joyride).
B494 8 AAP tested 29.12.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘Vib. Oil & water pipes broken’).
B495 At Dover allotted to 58 Sqn, re-allotted to BEF 14.1.18 (160-hp Beardmore). 8 AAP tested 23.2.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
B1874 FE2b. 58 Sqn. I Flt dd ex 58 Sqn via 1 AIS 22.8.18.
B7819 8 AAP tested 19.5.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
B7839 8 AAP dd ex Farnborough, with forced landing at Penshurst after engine failed, 3-4.4.18 (Lt H. Shaw/Lt Rendle).
D9909 8 AAP tested 4.8.18 (Lt H. Shaw – ‘OK’).
D9914 Allotted to Independent Force and wrecked at Le Bourget on delivery flight to 2 ASD 30.7.18 (Lt AB Taylor injured).

Article posted: 06/09/2009

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