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Nieuport Monograph

Inevitably, further details have come to light since the publication of both of our monographs. We will be adding them to this page of our website. If anyone has further information that could be shared with others using this site, please forward it, in the first instance to the Editor.

Last updated 31-May-2011

We also have a full Name Index, lovingly crafted by Trevor Henshaw and the team. This is integral to the download version of the monograph - and we also offer it here for those who have the printed book:

Name Index


A185    SFA 1196. 1AD dd ex Paris 20.6.16 as a sample machine (engine 3853). rest per book, then: Returned by 2AD to Nieuports 12.8.16
A6625  SFA N1196. Formerly A185. Returned to RFC 4.1.17 (engine 5449).
A6731  SFA N2845 (engine 7384)
A6732  SFA N2815 (engine 5465)
A6735  SFA N2902 (engine 7412)
A6736  SFA N1835 (engine 7227)
A6737  SFA N2929 (engine 7408)
A6740  SFA N2967 (engine 7405)
A6741  SFA N3360 (engine 7223)
A6742  SFA N1837 (engine 7392)
A6743  SFA N2996 (engine 7407)
B1595  6th Wing ARS Dover (St Margarets) and crashed on take-off 20.7.17 (incorrect rigging and rolled to left - 2Lt TCF Williams OK).
B1651  SFA N3528 (engine 8481)
B1652  SFA N3407 (engine 7599)
B1654  SFA N3513 (engine 7607)
B1655  SFA N3518 (engine 7611)
B1657  SFA N3538 (or N3558) (engine 8466)
B6769  SFA N5544. 2 AD dd ex Paris 11.9.17 (Adj Coucelles). Given British serial B6769 but SFA mis-quoted by 2 AD as N5554.
B6784  Shown in the book as SFA5544 with engine given as T8346, which is the engine from B1692 which was SOC 10.9.17. Note the date of receipt is inconsistent with surrounding entries. B6784 was in fact a SPAD, received at 2AD on 18.9.17 with SFA 4301. This aircraft went to 19Sqn. Although Nieuport B6784 is referred to in some documents, this appears to be a spurious Nieuport serial.
B6830  Farnborough, dd ex Penshurt 27.4.18 (Lt H. Shaw of 8 AAP).
N3209  SFA N3651 (recorded at 2 AD 29.4.17).


Article posted: 06/09/2009

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