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New CCI Forum

The new Forum went live on Friday, 30th September 2016
We've replaced the software which drove the old Forum with something more modern, more usable, and hopefully more to your liking! The new Forum software is bespoke and is completely different from the old one. One of several major benefits is that the login is controlled by the main site, so there's no separate login to the Forum any more. Login once, and you can access the Forum, the Shop and (if you're a member) the Member's Area. Hopefully you'll find the new Forum easier to use - especially uploading photos, which I know has been a struggle for some.

All posts from the old Forum are available in the Archive section of the new Forum.

Any Topic which has had a post during September 2016 has been moved to the new Forum.

The new Forum went live on the afternoon of Friday September 30th. As with all new software (as with new aircraft ...) there WILL be teething troubles. We've done a fair bit of testing, but no software is fully tested until it's been let loose on the users for whom it's designed. We want you to use it and like it. If something doesn't work as you think it should, or if you can think of a useful feature we haven't included, please let us know by emailing webmaster@crossandcockade.com
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Article posted: 27/09/2016

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