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HMS President Scrapped?

One of only three surviving WW1 warships
HMS President, better known to some as ex-HMS Saxifrage, a WW1 Q Ship, is under threat. I know she's a ship, not an aircraft, but we held our London meetings on her for many years - and we're attached to the old girl! The charity that owns her didn't receive any lottery funding in the last round of awards - and unless something is done before the end of 2016 she may well end her days in the scrapyard. This would be beyond sad.

For the full story, here's the BBC's news item.

Then PLEASE sign the Government ePetition: if enough support is raised, we can help save her. Spread the word and get people signing!

Also - let your MP know that this WW1 veteran is at serious risk. Mine responded the same day, with a pledge to ask questions of the Treasury. It all helps!
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Article posted: 12/08/2016

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