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Polish Conference

Aviation on the Forgotten Fronts of the Great War 1914-1918: Part Two 1915-1916
Below are details of a conference being held in May 2016 at Szymbark Castle, Gorlice, near Krakow in Poland. Attendance is free. Anyone wishing for help arranging transport or accommodation should contact Andrzej Olejko: andrzej.olejko@gmail.comor Piotr Mrozowski: pmroz1918@gmail.com.
17 May 2016

Arrival and accommodation of participants in Gorlice and Szymbark
18 May 2016
09:00 - Opening Address: Zdzisław Tholl Manager of the Dwory Gładyszów i Karwacjanów Museum
09:05 - Speeches by guests of honour
09:30 - Conference Introduction: dr hab. Andrzej Olejko prof. UR, Rzeszów University
Part I - Leader: Krzysztof Michalik
09.40 - Dr hab. Jerzy Grzybowski, Uniwersytet Warszawski – Poland: Eastern Front 1915-1916 – Military Operations
10.00 - Dr hab. Andrij Kharuk, Land Forces Academy Lviv – Ukraine: Russian Aircraft Industry and the War on the Eastern Front 1914-1917
10.20 - Płk. Dr Harald F. Potempa, Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften der Bundeswehr Potsdam - Germany: German Air Force over the Eastern and Balkan Fronts, 1914-1918
10.40 - Dr hab. Oleksandr Demianiuk, Lutsk University: Ukrainian Aviation in the Brusilov Offensive, 1916
11.00 - Dr Maciej Bakun, Gdansk University, Poland: German Air Forces over the Eastern Front 1915-1916
11.20 - Dr Valery Romanenko, National Aviation Museum of Ukraine in Kiev, Ukraine: Ilja Muromiets Squadron over the Eastern Front 1915-1916
11.40 - Discussion
12.00 - Coffee break
Part II - Leader dr hab. Andrij Kharuk
12.30 - Boris Ciglic, Republic of Serbia: Serbian Aviation Command & Serbian Aeronautics 1915-1916: The Story of Resistance, Annihilation and Ressurection
12.50 - Dr hab. Andrzej Olejko prof. UR, Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Poland: The Unknown Front - Air Operations K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppen over the Balkan Front 1915
13.10 - Płk. Prof. Dimitar Nedialkov, Command of the Bulgarian Air Force, Republic of Bulgaria: Bulgarian Air Force over Balkan Front 1915-1916
13.30 - David Mechin, France: French Air Force over the Balkan Front, 1916
13.50 – Dr Gerald Artl, Österreichisches Staatsarchiv Wien, Österreich: Austro-Hungarian Air Force in the Air Operations over the Italian Front 1915-1916
14.10 - Discussion
14.30 - Lunch break
Part III - Leader mgr Piotr Mrozowski
15.30 - Dr Zbigniew Moszumański, Edukacyjne Centrum Wojska Polskiego, Poland: Anti Aircraft Artillery on the Eastern Front 1914-1916
15.50 - Paolo Varriale, Italy: Italian Air Force in the Air Operations 1915-1916 and the raid on Ljubljana
16.10 - Matjaž Ravbar - Aviation Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenija: Slovenian Pilots in World War I
16.30 - Michal Plavec – Narodni Technicke Muzeum Praha, Czech Republic: Bohemian Fliegerkompanie 29: memories J. Żurovca from Rumanian and Russian Fronts, 1916-1917
16.50 - Bohumir Kudlićka, Czech Republic: The Last Balloon Flight from Przemyśl, 1915
17.10 - Dr K. Mroczkowski, Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, Poland: German Air Force – Plans and Reality to 1917
17.30 - Discussion
18.00 – Summary of the Meeting
19.00 - Evening Meal
19 May 2016
09.00 - Breakfast, and departure of participants 
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Article posted: 08/04/2016


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