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RA Little

RA LittleSurely every one of us knows this name! However, clearly not everyone does. Just this week, a small leather gladstone bag was found on a waste tip in Australia, containing the flying helmet, cap and other personal possessions of Australia's top-scoring WW1 ace!

Check here for the full story, including audio:


... which has also been discussed at length on The Aerodrome and the Great War Forum.
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Article posted: 02/08/2013

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I am staggered that this part of WW1 history has been treated this way. You only have to visit Hendon and the Graham White Hangar to see one of the two Aussie Pups that they have in which he scored victories, to smell the dope and varnish and look into the cockpit to realise just what this amazing, top scoring Australian ace acheived in this and other fighters, so fragile and at high risk of burning alive if ignited by bullets from the more heavily armed Albatri.

Robert Little is remembered in so many books, it is good that these were preserved before too late. Paul Davies BoBHSc
By: Paul Davies
On: 22/10/2013

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