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Harry Woodman

We are sad to have to announce the death of Harry Woodman
Harry was a founder member of this society, as well as a well-known author and widely respected researcher.

A comprehensive obituary for Harry will appear in the next issue of the journal.
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Article posted: 24/02/2013

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Harry's passing comes as a real personal loss, of course for those who knew him well it is truly sad, and for who knew him through his words, it too is a great loss.

Harry and I shared vast swaths of material on Imperial Russian aviation starting back in the early 1980's. He introduced me to his style of research and attention to detail. When I lived in NYC Harry stayed at my home when he came to visit the United States, my family loved his gentleman ways, for that was what he was.

We did get spend time together in London in the 1990's when I was over for other business. Harry was a good friend and had always had interesting anecdotes, and some truly funny stories. The last time we spoke which was only a few weeks before he passed Harry spoke about his chance meeting with George Constantinescu's son, he said it was at his office and at first he did not realize who he was due to the the way his son pronounced the family name, Harry said he was so relieved not to have missed the opportunity.

In all my years on this blue green world, a finer person you'd be hard pressed to ever meet or know...

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On: 22/09/2013
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