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Welcome to Cross & Cockade International!

Another year has flown by, and the first edition of the journal for 2016 (47/1) left the printers in early March. A small percentage of people are still subscribing surface mail from overseas - everyone else outside the UK should have received their copies within a week, if you've subscribed airmail. Please note that the difference in cost between surface and airmail is small - £2 or $3 - but the difference in speed and reliability of delivery is significant!

Our new book, Lawrence of Arabia & Middle East Air Power was launched 23rd April at our AGM. If you've any interest in "El Lawrence" and how air power was used East of Suez in WW1 this is a "must have" book. You can buy it here.

Our 2017 Calendar is out too - a bit earlier than normal. You can check that out here: http://bit.ly/1WPyXXg

Roger continues to produce the CCI Calendar but, after many years sterling service, is no longer Membership Sec. Andy has relinquished the chair of the committee to allow the time and energy necessary to take over as Membership Sec, as well as controlling the web site. For any membership queries, please use membership.secretary@crossandcockade.com or call Andy on +44 (0)1832 720522.

Issue 16 of Wind in the Wires went out on 18th February. Subscribe here free to receive future issues, and/or email me if you'd like to be sent the back numbers. We've now well over 1,100 subscribers. It's free - so why not see what you're missing? PLEASE NOTE that if you think you've subscribed, but haven't received your issue, you'd do well to check your spam filter(s)!

The new, completely re-written, version of The Sky Their Battlefield (Mark II) has had all the original content thoroughly updated and expanded, revealing the stories of almost 17,000 WW1 air personnel. You can find out more about this indescribably useful book on Trevor Henshaw's site: www.theskytheirbattlefield2.com - or just buy (or, if your birthday's coming up soon, point your relatives towards) it on this site in softback or hardback editions.

We have an active Facebook page, cared for by Adrian Roberts; plus an increasingly popular twitter account @crosscockade which is also climbing in popularity!

46/4 front cover 46/4 rear cover

Wings Over Suez: by Ray Vann and Mike O'Connor

Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes: FBA flying boats; by Paul Leaman

Cadet Fatalities in Egypt 1916-19: by Ray Vann

Advanced Dressing Station; by Peter Wright

"Such a Topping Chap"; 2Lt MM Mowat: by Stewart Taylor

RF Power; "Sailor, Soldier, Observer, Pilot & Inventor": by Duncan Curtiss

The Short Type 166; a Re-Appraisal: by Peter Cowlan

Plus we have all the usual departments - Editorial, Fabric, Recce, Bookshelf et al

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