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Welcome to Cross & Cockade International!

Our third journal of 2016 (47/3) arrived on UK mats yesterday (7th September) and should be with the rest of the membership shortly. Another fabulous edition: a fascinating read! This means that 2017 Membership is now available and, if you're over 80 years of age, you can now join (and claim your £5 discount) in the web shop.

That said, over 100 of us have not yet renewed for 2016. Difficult to believe, I know, as three excellent journals have been published so far, with one more to come later in the year. It's definitely not too late - so if you're wondering where your journals are, renew here.

Christmas is coming - and our 2017 Calendar is now available: you can check it out here.

Issue 18 of our acclaimed free email newsletter Wind in the Wires went out on 5th September. Subscribe here to receive future issues, and/or email me if you'd like to be sent the back numbers. We've now over 1,150 subscribers. It's free - so why not see what you're missing? PLEASE NOTE that if you think you've subscribed, but haven't received your issue, you'd do well to check your spam filter(s)!

The new, completely re-written, version of The Sky Their Battlefield (Mark II) has had all the original content thoroughly updated and expanded, revealing the stories of almost 17,000 WW1 air personnel. You can find out more about this indescribably useful book on Trevor Henshaw's site: www.theskytheirbattlefield2.com - or just buy (or, if your birthday's coming up soon, point your relatives towards) it on this site in softback or hardback editions.

We have an active Facebook page, cared for by Adrian Roberts; plus an increasingly popular twitter account @crosscockade which is also climbing in popularity!

47/3 front cover 47/3 rear cover

Short Type 166 Seaplane: Supplementary details: by Peter Cowlan

The Birth of an Air Service: Serbia: by Boris Ciglic

Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes - Sopwith Schneider: by Paul Leaman

Morane Saulnier Aircraft of the RFC on the Western Front, 1914-17: by Trevor Henshaw

Aeronautical Activity in Germany, RAF Intel Report Oct-1918: commentary by AD Harvey

"A Little Bit of Heaven, a Little Bit Of Hell" part two: by Stewart Taylor

RAF to RAE: the Latter Days of the Factory: by Paul Hare

Plus we have all the usual departments - Editorial, Fabric, Recce, Bookshelf et al

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