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Welcome to Cross & Cockade International

The spring edition of the journal (46/1) has left the printers, and will start to land on mats (in the UK at least!) by the end of this week - Friday March 6th. It's our usual wide range of fascinating articles on a wide range of WW1 aviation subjects - another one not to be missed!

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A date for the diary - come to RAFM Hendon on Saturday 25th April for our AGM; and to hear Professor Jerry White (University of London) deliver this year's Leaman Lecture on "Zeppelin Nights; London in WW1". More info here.

It's been twenty years since Trevor Henshaw's remarkable book, The Sky Their  Battlefield, was released. Now we have The Sky Their Battlefield II which has had all its original content thoroughly updated and expanded, revealing the stories of almost 17,000 WW1 air personnel. You can find out more about the book on Trevor's site: www.theskytheirbattlefield2.com or just buy it on this site in either softback or hardback editions. Available now from Cross & Cockade International!

The latest quarterly copy of our increasingly popular eNewsletter Wind in the Wires, issue 12, went out on 17th February. Subscribe here free to receive future issues, and/or email me if you'd like to be sent the back numbers. Nearly 1,000 people have so far subscribed. It's free - so why not see what you;re missing? PLEASE NOTE that if you've subscribed but haven't received your issue, you'd do well to check your spam filter(s)!

We have an active Facebook page, cared for by Adrian Roberts; plus an increasingly popular twitter account @crosscockade.

High Altitude Reconnaissance 1914 Style: by Paul Hare
It was a Terrific Day in the Air" 15 September 1916; by Michael Durey
Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes: Kaiserliche Werft postscript; by Paul Leaman
Kite Balloons at Sea; Gallipoli and Salonika 1915-16; by Ian Burns
Impatient Ace; Capt CRR Hickey; by Stewart Taylor
The RFC with the BEF: by Mick Davies
An Aircraft Destroyed in Belgium: Luc Vanaker
From the Albums: the Gerhardt-Japp Collection part two; via Paul Leaman
Logbook: Moranes in RFC Service part six; Mick Davis & Trevor Henshaw
Gazetteer of Flying Sites part 21: Wes - Yar

This journal also includes a further selection of two A2 Ordnance Survey maps, of WW1 vintage, marked up with the location of sites of WW1 aviation interest in Scotland (3 & 4). When complete, this series of high quality maps will cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Plus we have all the usual departments - Editorial, Fabric, Recce, Bookshelf et al

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