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Welcome to Cross & Cockade International.

The autumn edition of the journal (45/3) will be leaving the printers early next week (first week in September), so UK members and airmail subscribers can expect it on their mat within about a week. As you'll see below from the list of contents and linked samples, it's going to be one to savour, with something for most tastes. Certainly one to read cover to cover!

This year we've had to increase our basic subscription to cover rising costs. The basic 2015 sub will be £27 - up by £2 from 2014, but still superb value. This is the first time subscriptions have increased since 2006. However, good news for overseas members is that our postage rates for you are coming down! Unusual these days, but our latest postal contract means that overall, even with the £2 subscription increase, the cost of the 2015 journals delivered airmail is actually REDUCED by £2! The total airmail cost is down from £40 to £38. Now there's real value for you! Keep Roger happy and renew now.

A couple of quick notes that have already been featured in Latest News and Wind in the Wires - check out the new society book on Brumowski, plus our second hand book sales section in the shop; which we hope to expand shortly.

We're keen to glean your views on future seminars the society may host. Any interest? If so, please let us know what they are via this short on-line Survey. It will only take you five minutes ...

Wind in the Wires issue 10 went out last week. Subscribe here free to receive future issues, and/or email me if you'd like to be sent the back numbers. PLEASE NOTE that if you've subscribed but haven't received your issue, you'd do well to check your spam filter(s)!

We have an active Facebook page, cared for by Adrian Roberts; plus an increasingly popular twitter account @crosscockade; which has recently passed 100 followers.



Missions Flown by the 1st SVA Section: by Luigino Caliaro
Carrying On Up the Khyber; The BE2 on the NW Frontier: by Paul Hare
Avro Types 502 & 503; Floatplanes and German Derivatives: by Eric Harlin
Port Meadow; a Peaceful Spot: by Peter Wright
Gazetteer of Flying Sites, part nineteen; Sto to Tor: by Mick Davis and Bill Morgan
23 Sqn SPADs; the AW Keen Collection; by the Dent Family via Syd Buxton
Atlas of German Seaplanes - Zeppelin-Staaken: by Paul Leaman - See more at: http://www.crossandcockade.com/default.asp#sthash.YChuJx1t.5AgAeY6K.dpuf
Atlas of German Seaplanes - Gotha, part two: by Paul Leaman
Logbook: Moranes in RFC Service Part 4: by Mick Davis & Trevor Henshaw
Desert Airman; Sgt RW Forder, X Flight, 14 Sqn: by Richard Forder
A French Collection (photographs); by Eric Harlin & Steve Suddaby
Subjective Impressions of the National Archives: by AD Harvey

This journal also includes a further selection of A2 Ordnance Survey maps, of WW1 vintage, marked up with the location of all sites of WW1 aviation interest. When complete, this series of high quality maps will cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Plus we have all the usual departments - Editorial, Fabric, Recce, Bookshelf et al

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